Board of Directors

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Darren Womack – President

Darren feels the future of the HDS is very bright. “Over the last several years our fund raising efforts have been nothing short of fantastic and are getting better every year as our exposure increases and with the stable foundation that has been built, we will be able to grow our outreach into the future and become the premier local charity in Canada providing support within our community of Windsor/Essex County.”



Warren Hayes – Vice President

Warren’s wife, Gen, lost her daughter Christine to an undetected CHD in October of 2005, at age of 19. They both learned that with helping others with CHD’s, they can raise awareness and at the same time, honor the memory of their loss. Warren enjoys serving the Heart Defects Society and hopes to continue for as long as he is able. “If I can’t do it, I got people that can.”


Tiffany Benoit – Treasurer

Tiffany hopes to be able to help as many families as possible in some way. “My goal is that every person affected by a CHD in the community knows about us, regardless of whether or not they use our services. At the same time, I would like to maintain our low operating costs and keep our management on a volunteer basis.”


Stephanie Voakes – Secretary

Stephanie learned of the Heart Defects Society, in 2008, when asked to purchase tickets for the annual pasta dinner from Francine. In doing so, she found a sense of belonging, to know that there are others, like her, surprisingly closer to home. “Coming from a small town and growing up with CHD was a struggle, I never felt like I fit in, there was no one, like me”, as at that time, Stephanie was the only one in her hometown, with a serious heart problem.



Beatrice Phelps – Board of Director

Beatrice has always been the Social Director, she became a Board Member in 2006. Since then, Beatrice has been hard at work keeping the Heart Defect Society, the charity that Francine always wanted it to be. “To me it means a great deal to keep Fran’s legacy alive. I can envision the organization expanding beyond our borders.”



Krista Holland – Board of Directors

Krista’s best friend Stephanie, was born with multiple heart defects, the two have been friends for 30+ years. “I have watched, and been at her side as she has gone through ups and downs battling her heart conditions. Being beside her, through all these challenges, I always wish I could do more, and now I can!”


Pauline Lavoie – Board of Directors




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