Some of the services that the HDS provided for it members are the following:

TIPS Package:

The HDS offers a Tips Package to new families, that have to go to Toronto and London for doctor appointments, or for surgeries. The package offers tips on what to pack, where to stay, some of the things you will likely face while there, and things that one may forget about when faced with a life altering decisions and situations. We encourage our members to help keep us informed on any changes that need to be made or added to the package. The actual package that someone could expect to receive includes a TIPS booklet and may also includes a cute HDS Teddy Bear, a calling card, Tim Horton’s card and a notebook with a pen along with other various other HDS gifts.

You are welcome to download the TIPS booklet on the following link:

Tips Information Booklet

Melissa Trothen Memorial Fund [MTMF]:

Melissa Marie Mackenzie-Trothen was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, and was co-founder of the Heart Defects Society. Melissa passed away at the young age of 27 due to complications following corrective surgery.

In her memory, we have created the Melissa Trothen Memorial Fund in order to directly assist families from the Windsor/Essex County region due to a loved one’s hospitalization or treatment out of the Windsor area.

The MTMF allows the HDS to provide financial assistance to families in our region to offset costs associated with transportation, accommodation and meals within the Canada Revenue Agency’s guideline for acceptable health care expenses.

If you would like to read or print the Guidelines and or the application for the MTMF please use the following links.

Guidlines for MTMF – May 28, 2016

MTMF  Printable Application 2016


Francine Bryar Memorial Bursary [FBMB]:

Francine Bryar was born with severe congenital heart defects, and was co-founder of the Heart Defects Society. Francine passed away on September 7, 2010 at the age of 36 while recovering from heart transplant surgery.

The Francine Bryar Memorial Bursary is an award established by the Heart Defects Society of Windsor and Essex County of which she was a founding member in 2000 and the Society’s President for the following ten years until her passing.

The Francine Bryar Memorial Bursary, is a $500 annual bursary established to aid the post-secondary educational pursuits of CHD afflicted youth of Windsor and Essex County.

If you would like to read or print the Guidelines and or the application for the FBMB please use the following links.

FBMB Infomation Package